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About Golden Oak Renovations
It's a value we hold high with our clients. They need to know they can trust us with their home and to care for it. We will stand by our word and provide our clients with the results they are looking for.

We treat every client with the kind of quality service they deserve. We handle each project with care and clean up after each day's work. We want our clients to know we value them and that we will work hard to provide a product they are satisfied with.

We price our projects competitively. More importantly, we strive to provide solutions that bring value to every client and their home.
The Roeloffs' Family
Here's the family. Though my roots may be from the west coast, I have come to appreciate the values of the Midwest. People actually take time out to talk. And that's what I love about my wife. She is from the Midwest and is a great communicator and true lover of family.

Our children have grown up in the Midwest and love it here too. They have developed many friendships and are excited about what the future holds.
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
About the Logo
I chose the oak tree because it reminds me of home. We had a picture hanging in our home of an oak tree on a hill with a tire swing and children running up the hill to go play. 

It's a great symbol for me of what home is - a place where you can let your defenses down, be yourself and create memories with the ones you love. 

This business is dedicated to the Lord Jesus. Psalm 1:1-3